Basic SEO Final Chapter

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Basic SEO 1-4 was intended to be a quick lesson for web site owners that want to get some basics out of the way before they put a pro “on the job”.  You should continue to create good content. You should also be ready for intermediate SEO work which includes link building. If you aren’t ready to hire a pro then I am listing more advanced articles for you to continue on your quest for the Holy Search Grail. Keep in mind, just like some people will never be able to solve computer hardware and software issues some of you will never be able to perform good SEO. I know there are some popular posts right now about SEO being easy enough for a cave man, or it’s all a scam but it’s really like any profession. Some people excel at it and some don’t and never will.

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SEO Basics – Aaron Wall from SEO Book gives a more in-depth look at the basics.

Beginners guide to SEO – Hobo SEO has a nice PDF you can download for SEO beginners.


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