North Georgia Web Design

Web Development for Small to Medium Business Owners

Put the experienced Blizzard internet developers and web designers to work for you. We provide new site design, site redesign, and website maintenance for clients that understand the value in hiring experienced professionals—professionals that understand good design, usability, overall visitor experience, and conversion.


Website development, changes, digital imaging, Flash, ASP.NET, and database development are billed at $80/hour in 3-minute increments with a $16 minimum charge.

The average 5- to 6-page small business web site generally starts around $2,000. Contact us to discuss your website goals and get a detailed estimate!

Knowledge and Expertise

With the tools available today, it's simple to put together any old website, but what are you really getting? A template or "site builder" website will have muddy code that is a nightmare to edit or add onto later, and your customers may not even see the same thing you see.

What's under your website's hood is as important to us as what you see up front. We painstakingly employ valid HTML5 and CSS3 standards and ensure your website is as consistent as technically possible from computer to computer, web browser to web browser.