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Trouble-“Shooting” A Malfunctioning Printer – Solves Privacy Issues Too!

Update! This is the new method to prevent privacy and security issues related to the copier salvage industry.

Let me tell you a tale. For the longest time, we used a Xerox WorkCentre PE16 multi-function printer/scanner/copier/fax here in the office. It was an utter nightmare, and every time we tried to use it, the people next door could hear the screams of frustration.

For some reason, we lived with the thing for months–maybe years. The simple solution would have been to just replace it, but we just wouldn’t. Perhaps we were stubborn, perhaps we just never got around to it. We would always eventually get it to do what we wanted it to do and then get back to work.

Tensions mounted. The printer would ruin entire days and make the air of the office thick with anger. Finally, we couldn’t take it anymore, so yesterday, we finally did some troubleshooting.

We’d like to share this quick how-to with you.

—Clint Blizzard

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